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Once upon a time, adopting the classical approach to strategy was the desirable thing to do since the basis of competitive advantage is known and markets were stable, or predictable.

But times have changed. In the face of today’s massive disruptions, the ability to combine seemingly opposing traits like being nimble and scale or thinking short-term to long-term is no longer desirable but essential. Brands and organisations that want to be future proof and future-ready must start the hard work now.

What does the future hold? Can brands fold their arms and assume they are future proof? By no means no!

And we have researched several organisations that have continued to flourish even after the pandemic, and it is no surprise that most have what the PLISM framework is suggesting in place.

The interesting thing is that this framework is applicable to personal life too but that’s a topic for another day.

It’s time to join the leading pack. And the time is now.

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