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This month is still dedicated to workers and our focus in this article is on why you should think like an intrapreneur. For the uninitiated, an intrapreneur is someone employed in an organisation that acts and thinks like they own the business. They are constantly looking for ways to grow the business and, in the process, they work out compensations for themselves. 
If intrapreneurship sounds like you, chances are you will get restless and work will have no real meaning in an environment where the status quo is sacrosanct, innovative ideas and creativity are not encouraged, and worse still there is little or no compensation plan to reward you for your troubles.  

And here is an interesting twist. Many organisations are looking for intrapreneurs while other are awash with ideas with no one taking responsibility for execution. Your next big break will come from bringing to the fore your intrapreneurial inclinations, leading a value adding mission. Here is what you need to start doing if you have not started already. 

Earlier, I mentioned that employees that think and act like the owner of the business are intrapreneurs. Make things happen rather than fold your arms and watch things unfold. Anticipate where the ball is headed rather than follow the ball.  


Honing your selling and interpersonal skills is non-negotiable. Why? No matter how innovative or great your idea is, you need people, and they usually have their own agendas. You will need to be able to sell your idea to people and take responsibility for leading the execution of the project. You will need to be genuinely nice to people. You cannot be the unfriendly introverted colleague from the marketing department today, and suddenly a jolly good fellow the next day. They are not going to buy it or trust you. Nobody likes being used. 

Finally, be sure that your intrapreneurial thumbprint is welcome where you currently work. Otherwise, you will end up being frustrated, unappreciated and unfulfilled. If you are the type that is not cut out for building a business (just yet) but comfortable working within the system of an organisation, now is the time to start looking for an organisation that rewards people for improving their business. That is if you have not started already.  

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