How many times have you thought of great ideas only for the critical elements of the idea to become fuzzy or even the great idea to slip away completely. 

Can you guess how many times thoughts run through your mind daily? 10? 20? 100? Well, result of a study in 2020 shows that we have more than 6,000 thoughts per day!  

Great ideas are usually ideas that emanate from our thoughts as we think through solutions for customers, ways of making products or services more convenient, better, or even more affordable. And so, if you are creative, chances are that such great ideas come to mind often. Even if you are not a creative, you can learn to become one that churns out creative ideas often
But many people are allowing great ideas slip away on the daily. Now if you are serious about wanting to change the world, maximize your influence and impact your community, you need to brace up and become intentional about harvesting those great ideas! And here are things you ought to be doing already. 

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves often is that we do not need to write things down because we will remember it. How many times have we had our fingers burnt? Let us allow the brain to do the thinking and let us write done the things we need to remember on paper or smart phone. My advice is to have a “book of ideas” or note of ideas preferably in same location, so you can reach and read during your quiet time. 


Why is this important? Never in the history of humanity have we been so engaged. We are always on. If you pay attention, you will realise that ideas come at a certain time or place. Like Archimedes, I have had “Eureka” moments in the bathroom. Yours could be when reading a book or watching creative content. Find yours and capitalize on it. Be expectant and have tools nearby to gather those thoughts (remember the first point). 


Finally, you do not just want to keep producing ideas. Ideas are worth nothing until you start to execute them. The more you generate great ideas without acting on it, the less confident and motivated you will be which eventually snuffs the life out of your creative bulb.  

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