About Me

I’m a marketing consultant that has worked with the top brands in Retail, a couple in Real Estate, Not For Profit to mention a few. My preoccupation is largely on solutions that enable business performance and transgenerational business legacy. Like Nill Fitzgerald once said, “Growth is about a whole series of things you can do to create conditions for growth. If you want to grow, you need to focus on what enables growth,”

I’m passionate about a few things; football is one of them. But you will find me dwelling more on Marketing, Strategy, Leadership, Innovation, and Purpose these days. In my years of experience, I’ve come to conclude that “people serving” brands no matter the size, industry, history, or success can maximize their potential in the marketplace. The only room that never gets fully occupied is the “room for improvement.”

And that’s if the goal is for the brand to be around long after everyone associated with the building of that empire is gone. This is why I have come out of my shell (I’m an introvert) and decided to add my quota to the discourse of excellence in business operations and help to enable clarity in the market place.


University of Lagos, Nigeria Economics

University of Surrey, UK

Harvard: Certificate Sustainable Business Strategy