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    It is a tough task leading people right now but there has never been a time to test your leadership credentials. Just imagine when the dust settles and your team, followers, direct reports, constituents and colleagues look back and attribute the survival to your guidance and leadership? Imagine how that will boost your self-esteem and leadership muscle. That is how leaders around the world should think right now; but the real work just got started. Leaders across the world, be it in the private or public sector, have a common enemy staring them in the face in the form of a deadly pandemic; Covid-19. It is time to inspire and…

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    Hi. I’m Eniola Ositelu. A marketing consultant, retail analyst and thought leader. I’m passionate about marketing, strategy, leadership and innovation; critical ingredients I strongly believe enable brands to consistently excel in the market place. And I’ll be coming to a city near you to spread the word.