• Compensation Plan


    Has your organisation starts to establish a foothold in the market, the compensation plan and leadership development are two areas you want to pay attention to. But your compensation plan or incentives for performance can be the very thing that derails your organisation’s future growth. I bet you are wondering how?   Let us start with why your compensation plan is important. If your compensation is set up properly, it should do one or more of the following. Retain stellar performers, attract potential or like performers. It should also encourage innovation and reward productive ideas.   Your compensation plan is a strong determinant of focus and efforts therefore they must be…

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      Many people interpret fast thinking as a form of higher intelligence. Though this may not necessarily hold true, but there are still many reasons why thinking faster can be desirable.  What faster thinking can do though is help boost your confidence and enhance your problem-solving skills. Knowing you can think quickly on your feet might make you feel more at ease socially, whether chatting with customers or clients, or even during an interview.  Have you ever had an encounter and it was only after you have left the scene that a perfect snappy response came to mind? Well, you will encounter real life situations that will not give you ample time like Twitter to think it…

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    Many customers care about your business. Not all customers are “pyschos” looking for the slightest slip up to drag your business’s reputation on social media. It is your job to identify them, listen and look to address their concerns. Do not squander the valuable 20%.

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    It would be great if doing excellent work was enough to accelerate your career path but it usually does not work that way. Building your network is one of the things I would recommend.  People often see networking as attending unique events and accumulating key contacts. But it is much more than that. You need to start seeing networking more about farming than hunting. You can start from where you are. At work, school, social club.  Start cultivating meaningful relationships and establishing strong connections.  Here are some relationships you need to start paying attention to no matter what stage you are at in your career. You need mentors, people that can…

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    This month is still dedicated to workers and our focus in this article is on why you should think like an intrapreneur. For the uninitiated, an intrapreneur is someone employed in an organisation that acts and thinks like they own the business. They are constantly looking for ways to grow the business and, in the process, they work out compensations for themselves.  If intrapreneurship sounds like you, chances are you will get restless and work will have no real meaning in an environment where the status quo is sacrosanct, innovative ideas and creativity are not encouraged, and worse still there is little or no compensation plan to reward you for your troubles.   And here…

  • Presenting great ideas to the boss
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    Presenting great ideas to your boss can be very tricky particularly if it’s your first time or you just joined a new organisation and you are still studying their culture. If you have got such great ideas, what is it worth keeping it with you? Nothing. It could be an idea that saves the company a ton of money, an app that could speed up a process, or improve a product. The one big question you are asking yourself is “how do I go about it?”  IDENTIFY THE BOSS’S MAJOR PRIORITIES  First things first, identify the issues that are giving your boss sleepless nights. I would say no more than 3…

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    Is it not interesting that we spend majority of our time studying other people, reading about other people and then pay little attention to ourselves? Are you aware that you are the most important product of your business? Studying about others that inspire you, others doing amazing things in your industry, is definitely valuable. But I believe you should spend a considerable amount of time studying your most important product; you. Why? Getting to know yourself is your path to freedom. It liberates you as you start to identify your strengths and become aware of your shortcomings.  I mean, why do you want to be like the next Aliko Dangote…

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    A leader’s top priority is designing and building successful teams capable of solving customer and organization problems. Building successful teams entails having innovative capabilities and mastering some competencies that sets the organisation apart, and that will attract external talent as well as a talent pool within the organization. Successful teams perform well, sustainably, and under pressure—without close supervision.  Despite the rise of digital media and data-driven marketing, a great team’s fundamental role has remained unchanged. Whether it is aligning with the boss’s priorities and overall corporate strategy, selecting the right target markets and customers, understanding customer needs, creating simply better, user-friendly products and services, : all of these are still at the heart…

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    PLISM: 2022 IN FOCUS

    PLISM is an acronym for a conceptual framework designed by D&I Consulting to enable clarity for individuals and organisations so they can maximize their potential in the marketplace. They include purpose, leadership, innovation, strategy, and marketing. The PLISM framework came about from years of studying what the successful brands have consistently done to make them outlast the competition, stay relevant to their customers, and stand the test of time.  PURPOSE For us, the definition of purpose is quite simple. Purpose is the moral DNA that defines a person or organisation’s character and outlook on social, political, economic, and environmental issues. For us at D&I, having a clearly defined purpose, and acting on them will…

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    How can you do what you did yesterday better today? That is a question you should ask yourself if you are indeed delirious of producing innovative ideas often. Someone tosses a pebble across the pond, while another watches the ripples and tries to turn them into waves. That someone that tossed the pebble is the innovator while the latter is an entrepreneur. That is what Entrepreneurs do. They solve problems, usually by producing innovative ideas. And your relevance is attached to your ability to repeatedly produce innovative ideas that you want to put to work, with a team and solve the many problems around us. I will share with you…